Our Farm is located in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County of Northern Hungary in an imposing environment. Equestrian lovers are able to buy excellent horses here for almost every field. The quality is guaranteed by the team of “Szuhai Horses” operating in the equestrian center with excellent territorial conditions. We are a dynasty with extensive experience dating back several generations, who are obsessed horse lovers, professionals in equestrian sports and breeding.

Gyula Szuhai Sr.

Excellent breeder, trainer, trader

Gyula Szuhai

An excellent athlete, a pillar of the Hungarian adult national team,
coach, equestrian trainer, trader and the president of the the Equestrian Association of
B-A-Z County.

Gyula Szuhai Jr.

Athlete, champion of the Hungarian Youth Europe

Rodrigó Szuhai

Athlete, member of the Hungarian national team